About the Scheme

Who can join?

New Zealand citizens and those eligible to be in New Zealand indefinately in terms of the Immigration Act 2009, and who are or normally are living in New Zealand, can become a member of KiwiSaver. You can also join KiwiSaver if you are a state services employee who is serving outside of New Zealand, on New Zealand terms and conditions, in a jurisdiction where offering KiwiSaver membership is lawful.

Once you are a Member, even if you leave your employer for whatever reason, you are entitled to remain a member for as long as you wish.

The following people can join the SuperEasy KiwiSaver Superannuation Scheme

New Zealand citizens and those eligible to be in New Zealand indefinitely in terms of the Immigration Act 1987 can join by contacting directly with the Trustee to become a member, provided those persons

  1. Are employed by a Local Authority or a Council Controlled Organisation;
  2. Belong to, or are employed by the New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers inc, New Zealand Local Government Association Incorporated, or Civic Financial Services Ltd;
  3. Are employed by Marsh Limited;
  4. Persons who are immediate family members of, or are wholly or partially financially dependent on, a person in one or more of the classes of person described in paragraphs (a) to (c) above. "Immediate family member", in relation to a person means the person's spouse, civil union partner, de facto partner, parent, child, step-parent, or stepchild.