About the Scheme

The SuperEasy Employer Scheme

The SuperEasy Employer Scheme

It is a plan that will invest and accumulate savings which are held individually on your behalf in trust for you; for your retirement.

Not only does this accumulate savings towards your retirement but can continue to be used and managed throughout your retirement, for example well beyond age 65.

The Scheme is a cash accumulation scheme designed to provide you and your dependants with certain benefits. Your contributions and any contributions from your Employer are each allocated to separate accounts known as your Member's Account and your Employer's Account. These accounts are invested in one or more investment options as selected by you, and their value varies in accordance with the return achieved by the investment options chosen.

Members can transfer existing fund balances from another employer or private superannuation scheme into SuperEasy at any time. The SuperEasy administrator makes no charge for this.

All of this can be done by contacting your Human Resources or Payroll Department if your Employer is a Participating Employer of SuperEasy, or Civic Financial Services Ltd if you are paying contributions directly from your bank account.