About the Scheme

Why join

Why join the SuperEasy KiwiSaver Superannuation Scheme

Do you want the convenience of one single investment choice that will be automatically adjusted each month so as to take away the need for you to review your investment strategy as you get older?

We believe that your money should be working for you from day one and you can track the progress you are making with your savings via online access to your personal account balance.

Our ability to earn an income is our passport to provide lifestyle choices for ourselves and our families. In short, it helps to maintain our quality of life. If we wish that quality of life to continue after we have stopped working, it's a good idea to start planning for this as soon as we can. The earlier we start the easier it will be to maintain our quality of life for an enjoyable and worry free retirement. Retirement may seem a long way off but the sooner we start saving for this the more enjoyable it will be! This is outlined at a website provided by the Commission for Financial Capability: www.cffc.org.nz.

Sure, New Zealand Superannuation will pay some money, which at current levels for a married couple is approximately $316 a week after tax per person. Will this provide you with the quality of life you desire in your retirement? We believe it is a good idea to save for your retirement!